Cinema Advertising Technical Specs

From here you can find technical specs for on-screen and digital lobby materials, as well instructions how to pack and deliver the materials.

Technical Specs for On-screen Advertising 

All on-screen advertising material are converted to fit the playback system and the quality of the material is ensured within the process. Videomaterial is converted from source material to DCP (Digital Cinema Package) in our studio, and we do not accept deliveries of finished DCP’s.

Finnkino offers post production without additional cost for one on-screen material per campaign. Cost for additional material is 300 euros per additional material.  

We love to see brands in best possible format, so bear with us and please have a look at the instructions below. 


Playout system will present the material in 1920 X 1080 pixels (Full HD), progressive, 24 fps. Having the source material in the same resolution ensures highest quality. Material can be delivered in 24fps or 25fps, as long as both audio and video are the same fps (frames per second). If you have special needs, like 3D, or want to play in a special aspect ratio, please be in touch and we advise. 


  • Using video and audio material as described below ensures the highest possible quality on-screen  
  • We do not require extra black frames in the delivered material. 
  • Please do not upscale the video if source material is lower than Full HD  
  • We play finished films in 5.1 channel audio. 
  • It’s totally fine to deliver the material in stereo and we take care of the magic and make the 5.1 mix. 

Video material:  

  • 2K flat 1998 x 1080 
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Progressive 
  • HD Ready 1280 x 720 Progressive

Recommended order of formats: 
Use the best available to ensure highest quality:  

1. Quicktime Prores 4444 
2. TIFF sequence (Uncompressed images) 
3. Quicktime Animation (24 keyframes per second) 
4. Non-compressed AVI  

Audio material: 

Please deliver the audio material separately from the video material and make sure the audio and video are the same fps (frames per second). If audio file is not available separately, don’t worry about it, it happens all the time. 


Sound format:  

  • 48kHz, 24 / 16bit wave or Aiff 
  • 5.1 Surround, one mono file per channel 
  • Stereo 

File Naming convention: 

Where Advertiser is the advertiser, title is the title of the film and NN Is the length of the spot in seconds. 




Stereo Audio:  Advertiser _Filmtitle_15s.wav 


5.1 Audio: Advertiser_Filmtitle_15s.L.wav 






Zip/Rar file: or 140012_Filmtitle_15s.rar 

Technical Specs for Digital Lobby Materials

  • Videomaterial
    Picture files
  • Landscape format
    • QuickTime Movie H.2641 (Framerate 24 / 25 fps ) AAC -30dBFS or Mp4 videofile 
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080px 
    • VBR 10 Mbps 
    • JPEG2 or PNG 24-bit (8 bit/channel) 
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080px 72dpi 
  • Potrait format
    • QuickTime Movie H.2641 (Framerate 24 / 25 fps) or Mp4 videofile 
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1920px 
    • VBR 10 Mbps 
    • JPEG2 or PNG 24-bit (8 bit/channel) 
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1920px 72dpi 

Delivering of On-Screen and Digital Lobby materials

Material should be packed as RAR or ZIP (preferably video and sound in the same packed folder) and uploaded to Finnkino Media's FTP.

Please leave your name and email to receive confirmation of the delivery. To “Enter file description”, please write the campaign name and in order to identify the material, please also leave advertiser name and film name to the form. Film code is not required, but please type any number to proceed. 

Please also send a preview version of the spot to [email protected].

You can find the schedule for deliveries below. The materials needs to be sent before 2 pm on the DL day. 
If the material is not delivered before deadline specified below, an express handling fee of EUR 300 may be applied. In late deliveries, please be in touch in advance. 

Contact us in case you need assistance with the delivery or have questions: 

Finnkino Media

Arthur Wallin, Campaign Coordinator

+358 50 357 2542 

[email protected]

or [email protected]

On-Screen Technical Support (service in English or Swedish) 

+46 8 6803681 tai +46 8 6803773

[email protected]

Schedule for Material Deliveries

Delivery before 2 pm. 

Campaign start day  Material delivery by the latest
31.5.-6.6.2024 24.5.2024
7.6.-13.6.2024 31.5.2024
14.6.-20.6.2024 7.6.2024
21.6.-27.6.2024 14.6.2024
28.6.-4.7.2024 21.6.2024
5.7.-11.7.2024 28.6.2024
12.7.-18.7.2024 5.7.2024
19.7.-25.7.2024 12.7.2024
26.7.-1.8.2024 19.7.2024
2.8.-8.8.2024 26.7.2024
9.8.-15.8.2024 2.8.2024
16.8.-22.8.2024 9.8.2024
23.8.-29.8.2024 16.8.2024
30.8.-5.9.2024 23.8.2024
6.9.-12.9.2024 30.8.2024
13.9.-19.9.2024 6.9.2024
20.9.-26.9.2024 13.9.2024
27.9.-3.10.2024 20.9.2024
4.10.-10.10.2024 27.9.2024
11.10.-17.10.2024 4.10.2024
18.10.-24.10.2024 11.10.2024
25.10.-31.10.2024 18.10.2024
1.11.-7.11.2024 25.10.2024
8.11.-14.11.2024 1.11.2024
15.11.-21.11.2024 8.11.2024
22.11.-28.11.2024 15.11.2024
29.11.-5.12.2024 22.11.2024
6.12.-12.12.2024 29.11.2024
13.12.-19.12.2024 6.12.2024
20.12.-26.12.2024 13.12.2024
27.12.-2.1.2024 20.12.2024